Better than buying interested in earning it on your own ???? So yes this is it. Here you have to attend the test just for about 60 mins and you will be selected for scholarship among the top ranker .Ready to get a chance to earn the device for free?   

The iGeniusmind Scholarship Program is to introduce students, colleges & institutions to the beauty of the iGeniusmind software program. iGeniusmind is not just for the sake of student to excel in their board exams, it also helps them to build confidence  to appear for various entrance examinations, it could be highly competitive exams like NEET IEE JE ass well as state level CET exams, so to promote students to test out iGeniusmind to get a feel of how iGeniusmind can help them succeed we have introduced iGeniusmind Scholarship Program, what happens in this program is every month we will allow students to take a test online it is open to all students qualifying for the 11th and the 12th standards, so every student who completes the test whish is academics based test will get his/her scorings, we will evaluate the scorings of all the tests that have been taken by all the students between the 1st and the end of the month and in the subsequent month we will announce the winners.

The reason this Scholarship Program is being run every month is that we want students, institutions, colleges and in some cases tutorials to experience how a self study software or a guided learning software can influence positive results to students and we believe that a Scholarship test is one of the ways to encourage students to experience the software, so what happens in this Scholarship test is that it’s a 60 minutes pattern in which they will take an online test for 15 mins they will then review the iGeniusmind self study software itself and then they will take another 15 mins test so this way they get a firsthand experience to know how the “Co-centric model of learning” which is the explorative way of learning like asking a question and then giving them multiple choice questions and then understanding the concept and understanding the question using the supporting material which also includes videos the entire NCERT syllabus the digitized version of the syllabus.

iGeniusmind Scholarship currently we are having 3 places so the 1st Place winner the highest scorer in that month will get Scholarship worth 10,000/- which means he/she will win 2 full licenses of the iGeniusmind software so he/sh can use one and donate or gift the other one to a friend, the 2nd scholarship is worth 5000/- which is one full license version of the iGeniusmind software and the 3rd place winner will get scholarship is worth 3000/- 3 months usage of the iGeniusmind software.

We as company realized that there are a lot of disserving students out there who are gifted and circumstances do not permit them to excel in their studies so they miss out on opportunities, these opportunities could be in terms of getting a chance to prepair and score well in the NEET exam thus by going and getting a medical degree or it could be that a student is hard working but has no resources to prepare  and appear for IIT JEE so this is the story all across the country  so what we have realized is as a company which has made this self study software, we want to make this accessible to each and every deserving student and financial hardship should not come in between the students aspirations and his ability to prepare and appear and score well in these exams  hence what we have decided to do is to run the iGeniusmind Scholarship Program, so in these program we will run Scholarship Exams which will be open to everyone from the 11th and 12th grades in the current academic year, students can take these exams every month once and they will be graded based on their performance and in the subsequent month we will announce the winners the top scoring 1st place winners and the 2nd and 3rd so this is just our way of giving back to the society iGeniusmind as a self study software is benefited thousands of students across the country and we hope that this Scholarship Program will give students yet another opportunity to chase their dreams and help them make it into a reality.

So we request all deserving students to visit and try the scholarship test.

* Student must be perusing education in any NCERT Science college in 1st or 2nd year

* One Student can only register once for this Scholarship Program

* Once registered the Student has to login to the Scholarship test portal on our website and has to take a test in one go and the amount of time required for it is 1 hour. If a student leaves the test in-between this 1 hour login session due to any technical or non technical issue or reason then the student has to re-login and has to attempt a fresh test from the beginning and complete it within the given time frame in one go. And the previous test will not be considered.

* The results of the test will be published on our website in 1 month’s time from the date of test conducted.

* iGeniusminds holds all rights to make any changes to the above mentioned terms and conditions    without  any prior notice and will hold the right to qualify of disqualify any participant at any time.

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