How to Tackle Exam-Phobia

Are you piling up stress alongside your books? Are exams like CET, JEE, and NEET rising your anxiety levels? It’s time to say goodbye to that anxiety, and muster some courage. Exam-phobia and increased levels of anxiety are pretty common amongst all age groups of students. And for all students who are preparing for challenging exams, we’ve got your back! This blog will discuss what exam phobia is, where it stems from, and where its roots lie, in order to eliminate them completely. 

What is Exam-Phobia? 

The term, as it rightly states, accentuates the fear associated with it mentally and the psychological impact on students, when exam time approaches. More often than not, fear is simply correlated with the term and the situation, rather than the process. It also arises because of the thought-process that believes that exams are the endgame, and failures are the rock-bottom. Hence, it’s very important to get to the depths of this belief and alter it. The change not only appears from external factors like parents and fellow students, but also internally, when you hold on to the fact that exams do not determine who you are. So, don’t worry, you’re going to absolutely ace your JEE Advanced or JEE Main 2020. Stay on top of the dates and other information so that your study schedule is on point. 

Roots of Exam-Phobia 

Here’s all you need to know about Exam-Phobia! Some of the most common factors that lead to fear are as below: 

  • Fear can arise out of disbelief and lack of confidence in oneself. This could be due to a state of unpreparedness or procrastination, or even lack in concentration! 
  • Another major contributing factor is competition. The effectiveness of group studies is low in comparison to individual studies. This is because the level and pace of learning differ from one person to another. And when it all forms a fusion, it’s most likely that the session turns out unproductive. This costs not only wasted effort but also time. (Please note that group studies may work for a few individuals who are used to the method for a long time
  • Not having a personal tutor or a guide can also alarm you a little, in the beginning. So, it is all the more important to understand and analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and speed while preparing. 

How to overcome Exam-Phobia? 

No more distress! Here are a few interesting techniques that would help you stay organized and on track, causing less anxiety. 

  1. Make a schedule 

The first step you need to take after receiving the exam dates is to chart out a strategy. Depending on your previous experiences, think and analyze the amount of time you’d normally take to finish a chapter. Make sure to allow yourself some buffer time and make a spaced out calendar covering a small portion of many days. This will help you gear up for your exam and also compensate if you miss out on a day or two. 

  1. Tune it up a notch

This is our favorite part! One of the best ways to make studying interesting is to pick up some attractive stationery and study tools. For instance, while studying a chapter, you can draw short summaries and make important notes on Post-its and stick them on the same page. This will also help you with quick revision eventually. 

You could also highlight paragraphs in particular pages where you have queries. Use bright and vibrant highlighters and page markers for this purpose. This will keep you engaged and convince your mind to stay neat, organized and on track. 

  1. Pick the best time

It’s essential that you select the time of the day when you feel most active. Once you start getting into the schedule, it would become simpler to check things off your list! 

While the above tips are the most vital ones, don’t forget to keep yourself healthy and hydrated to avoid the chances of falling sick! Take short breaks to revitalize yourself, and listen to soothing music. Spend adequate time with yourself to analyze your weak points and strengths and PRACTICE until you get it right. If you’re looking for NCERT Books, check out iGenius Mind Self Study Software. 

Go ace your exam! 

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