Idea and Implementing

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, And what is necessary right now, is to understand student’s problems and help them study without being stressed.

iGeniusMind was innovated keeping in mind that students have to prepare for board exams and entrance tests simultaneously. To help students overcome their fear of exams. Learn concepts again and again till it is well understood.

Who are We?

  • Team of 20 experts from Indian educational sector.
  • Team of 4 Canadian researchers from reputed Universities.

Our Vision

Contribute to the improvement of educational system while creating a stress free environment for students.

Our Aim

We aim to simplify education and create groom youth for the country.

Our Mission

To reach as many students as possible and make their studying easier.

History & Experience

Our Team

Shop N Joy Marketing LLP

Shop N Joy Marketing LLP, Belgaum, Karnataka Exclusive Dealers and Distributors for iGeniusMind

Anthropic Software Ltd

Anthropic Software Pvt. Limited Belgaum, Karnataka Creative Minds and Editors of iGeniusMind

NMC Consultancy

NMC Noetic Minds Consulting Belgaum, Karnataka Digital presence and advertising.