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An innovative self study software, meant to prepare you for entrance tests like NEET, JEE and CET as well as board exams simultaneously. A software that includes textbooks, class notes, glossary, unlimited mock exams, MCQs of previous year papers , video lessons and much more…

iGeniusMind- A Self-Study Software

iGeniusMind has an unique approach to learning. Studying won’t be studious any more.,The method called co-centric method of learning prepares you simultaneously for boards and entrance tests, builds the foundation of your basics so well as to you’ll never have to look for any other classes or reference books.

iGeniusMind being an offline software is embedded with entire NCERT syllabus up to date in the form of textbook, class notes, question bank and video lessons. It supports CBSE, ICSE and STATE boards. The capability of creating your own exams is based on previous year papers so that you’ll always get relevant questions with elaborate explanations.


Co centric method of learning

A precise method of learning meant to aid simultaneous preparation of board exams and entrance exams. Progressive approach of learning that explains concept from easy to complex.Glossary tab assigned to sections.Academic theory consists of all the class notes that you will ever need.


Create as many exams as possible to increase your confidence in exams. A true instance of learning from failures. Focus on your weaker sections, and gradually overcoming the fear of exams. Parents/ Students can create and schedule exams without any assistance whatsoever.

Magic Search

Search all types of Questions i.e, 2mks, 3mks, 4mks and 5mks with answers and explanations and prepare for theory and lab exams. All videos are available in one section to search chapter wise solutions. Theory and lab topics have video explanations too.


iGeniusMind will soon take a major market share in the NEET and CET exam preparatory space since there is a definite void for Quality NEET coaching.
Mr. Hallikeri, KA
Rtd Chief Librarian, Govt College, Governor’s award winner for Best Teacher award ​
Overall programme developed like entering in details of concepts and video learning is really beneficial. Students should make use of such an innovative software.
Mrs. Bharati. Sawant​
G.S. Science PU College (Biology)
Answers to questions are given in a very simple manner with video learning. Concepts are very simple and understandable. Overall software is good.
Prof. S. S. Patil​
M M PU College Physics Lecturer

Why iGeniusMind?

  • The creators of iGeniusMind have done extensive research on study syllabus, pattern and the problems students are facing today.
  • Glossary, where you can find definitions and meanings makes it easier to learn definitions without having to look into the textbook.
  • Previous year questions sorted according to marks makes it efficient to prepare for board exams.
  • Hassle of attending various classes, tedious process of looking for multiple reference books and most of all, lack of time to prepare for entrance exams.
  • iGeniusMind is worth more than what you pay. Best price in the market.

iGeniusMind Beneficiary


  •  More visibility:  Can monitor how well your child is prepared to take-up NEET, CET, JEE, BITs through-out the years.
  • More focus:  iGeniusMind is completely offline, hence no internet based distractions.
  • More time to prepare:  Can avoid the hassle of coaching classes instead they can invest their time on self studying with iGeniusMind anytime-anywhere.
  • Results  are displayed topic wise, which helps to keep a check on the progress and time utilization.


  • Co-centric model of Presentation:  Questions from competitive exams are linked to theory concept explanation.
  • Examination:  Software allows you to create as many exams as possible, pattern similar to CET, NEET, IIT.
  • Post Analysis:  Allows students to find out: which questions were answered wrong in exams, what were right answers, and explaining the wrong answers
  • Results:  Displayed in topic-wise & more granular manner.Students can understand the weaker sections & improve them


  • iGeniusMind  has benefited more than 3000 students in a short span of 2 years from all over India to score high percentile and crack entrance exams like NEET and JEE.
  • Analyse:  One point monitoring for all the students according to batches and classes.
  • Co centric method of learning:  Adapt innovative and effective method of learning that adheres to strengthening student’s basics.
  • Prepare students for theory, lab and entrance exams through extensive study material.

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  • Co centric method of learning – Start the preparation ahead of the competition and prepare for board exams and entrance tests simultaneously.
  • Study material from various significant books merged into Academic notes.
  • Topic wise glossary to learn important definitions which will also be helpful to brush up important points before exams.
  •   Create and attempt unlimited exams to overcome exam fever and confidently face every exam.
  • Learn from your mistakes, quite literally, by retaking exams.
  • MCQ’s prepared after extensive research and relevant for upcoming exams.
  • Question bank of previous year papers with detailed explanations.


  • Academic notes made out of various PU I textbooks and reference books.
  • MCQ’s for theory and lab exams for PU I syllabus.
  • All the study material meant to build a strong basic foundation for PU II and upcoming entrance exams.


  • Prepare for board exams and entrance tests simultaneously by co centric method of learning
  • Create unlimited exams with questions relevant to upcoming entrance exams.
  • Question bank with numerical and lab questions.